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About Me

       I'm a NY-based actress and filmmaker, born in Oklahoma and raised in various cities throughout Germany. An alumni of the Atlantic Acting School in NYC, as well as DC's Theatre Lab and Shakespeare Theatre, I moved behind the camera, receiving a BA in Film and Media Production from City College of NY, and wrote, directed, and produced the short film, Desert Shadows. It deals with the challenges a soldier faces when he returns from the warzone.
     In 2008, I received my first Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH) award nomination for Best Cameo in a Play for my portrayal of Miss Sandwich in The Elephant Man. Other nominations include Best Featured Actress in a Play for Thelma in The Trip to Bountiful, and Outstanding Lead Actress in a play for the production Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts, in which I portrayed Nazi war criminal, Irma Grese.  I was awarded the 2011 WATCH award for Outstanding Cameo in a play for my portrayal of Crystal Allen in The Women.
      In TV/Film, I've had the privilege to work on everything from student and short films to major blockbuster movies and, most notably, the Emmy-winning HBO series, VEEP. I taught my own Getting Started in Acting and Auditioning classes, respectively, at the Prince George's/Howard County Community College, bringing everything full circle.
      Prior to the acting world, I lived in Germany, and am fluent in all aspects of the language. I studied abroad in Spain and New Zealand, and traveled to numerous countries throughout Europe. I'm also an avid athlete, and have participated in half-marathons and marathons, the Merrill Down and Dirty, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, and Spartan Sprint. I'm an animal lover, bibliophile, writer, globe trotter, crafter (you can often find me knitting on set), mud runner, certified personal trainer, and all around free spirit!

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